Most Authentic Activities – Juan Ballena | Travel Experiences in Cartagena
Totumo Mud Volcano & Mangrove Tour
On this ecotour you will have the opportunity to visit and plunge into the Totumo mud volcano, a place of...
Beach Day at the Beach Hostel in Punta Arena
A full day at the beach in Punta Arena is a great way to take a break when the day is...
Closed-door Gastronomic Experience Sale
Closed-door Gastronomic Experience
$156.00USD $170.00USD
This Gastronomic Experience in Cartagena begins in the Cevicheria restaurant, home to chef Jorge Escandon, who was Anthony Bourdain’s host during...
Bazurto Local Market Tour Sale
Bazurto Local Market Tour
$27.00USD $29.00USD
Book a unique local experience in Cartagena and discover the fascinating Bazurto Market. Taste exotic fruits and live the culture that make this place a...
A Day Of Scuba Diving In Baru - Cartagena Sale
A Day Of Scuba Diving In Baru - Cartagena
$112.00USD $119.00USD
Go diving in the crystal clear waters of Baru and explore the incredible underwater world of Colombia’s caribbean coast only...
Birdwatching In La Boquilla
Birdwatching in la Boquilla is the best opportunity to discover the natural, virtually untouched side of Colombia’s caribbean coast. If you...
Coffee Roasting and Tasting at Café Del Mural
Colombia is known worldwide for having the best coffee and if you are planning your trip to Cartagena take advantage...
Café del Mural Coffee Tasting
We know that Colombia coffee is one of the best in the world, but not everyone knows how to prepare...
Mangrove Fishing Tour In La Boquilla
Do you know how to catch crabs or maneuver a fishing net? Try out an authentic experience outside of the...
Movie Bike Tour
Are you looking for something different? Explore Cartagena by bike and see the beauty of the city centre with a...
Stand Up Paddle Glow Adventure At Sunset Sale
Stand Up Paddle Glow Adventure At Sunset
$29.00USD $31.00USD
Watch the stunning sunset on a Stand Up Paddle board with neon lights and you will see how the sea...
Street Food Tour Sale
Street Food Tour
$30.00USD $33.00USD
Try the taste of the real Cartagena during this tour of the street food carts in the centre of the...
Tour to Palenque: The Other History Of Cartagena Sale
Tour to Palenque: The Other History Of Cartagena
$49.00USD $99.00USD
Tour from Cartagena to San Basilio de Palenque and discover the lifestyle of the first free town in America, a Unesco...
Half-Day National Aviary Tour In Baru
Interact with hundreds of birds in one of the biggest open and natural aviaries in South America. Explore this park...

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