Eco and Adventure – Juan Ballena | Travel Experiences in Cartagena
Mangrove Fishing Tour In La Boquilla
$59.00 USD
Do you know how to catch crabs or maneuver a fishing net? Try out an authentic experience outside of the...
Tour to Palenque: The Other History Of Cartagena
$49.00 USD
Tour from Cartagena to San Basilio de Palenque and discover the lifestyle of the first free town in America, a...
Totumo Mud Volcano & Mangrove Tour
$24.00 USD
On this ecotour you will have the opportunity to visit and plunge into the Totumo mud volcano, a place of...
Bird watching in La Boquilla Sale
Bird watching in La Boquilla
$39.00 USD $43.00 USD
Birdwatching in la Boquilla is the best opportunity to discover the natural, virtually untouched side of Colombia’s caribbean coast. If...
Tour to the National Aviary in Baru
$29.00 USD
Interact with hundreds of birds in one of the biggest open and natural aviaries in South America. Explore this bird...

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